Soojin Rho
A circle with a center is a diagram that has been used in diverse cultures, especially religions, for a long time. I was attracted to the diagram in personal turmoils; later, I realized why I was attracted to this pattern more exactly by researching the diagram. I especially agreed to Jung’s opinion about mandalas. He says creating a mandala is a natural attempt to heal the human psyche. (I have attached my research:Mandala research) I have had a rare experience where I can rest and enjoy comfortably watching my own work through this project. I hope this works for others, also.
In this work, randomly generated images based on a traditional mandala grid are drawn on the screen, changing endlessly by programming. Random generation of programming can create uncertain movement and liveliness. I hope this chaotic tendency of randomness collides with and balances the mandala’s stable grid. (I have attached four demo movies.)